Intro to 3D Character Modeling

Date(s) - Jul 9, 2018 - Jul 13, 2018
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Purple Turtle Art Studio


Intro to 3D Character Design

July 9-13th / 5:30pm-8:30pm

Grades 8th through 12th


Instructor: Tamara Garza

Did you grow up inspired by imaginative PiXAR characters of Monsters Inc or enjoy the dancing skeletons of Coco? In this class, students will push past the second dimension – and explore 3D character design!

We’ll explore the fundamentals of character design and then utilize the same processes the professionals would use out in Hollywood to develop the amazing characters we see on the big screen. We will then get our bearings in the Cartesian (X,Y,Z) coordinate system, dig into some open-source software (Tinkercad or Blender), and by weeks end send our characters to the 3D printer. Amazing that technology now allows us to hold in our hand what was once locked in our imagination!





Students will need to bring an internet capable laptop/tablet ready to download Adobe software!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tamara!

**Premium fee includes usage of the 3D Printer. All students should walk away with a 3D print of their original character on Friday!


Tamara Garza received her M.S in Visualization from Texas A&M University back in ‘08. She has been a member of the art faculty at Blinn College since 2016 where she has taught Photography, Graphic Design, Art Direction and Digital Illustration as well as lectured regularly on Art Appreciation. She has worked independently as a photographer (6) and graphic designer for over 15 years, having dabbled in visual effects for a spell after graduate school. She’s passionate about roller derby, classic ford mustangs, homemade tortillas and the life-changing experience of traveling to Europe and Mexico with an artist’s lens on life. She is a co-founding member of Garza Photo Design, a web and graphic design shop she manages from her home studio.




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